Beyond the Weekend

September 9 | The Way

September 9, 2015

Text: John 14.6

Early Christians were called, “People of The Way” because their new way of living was transformative—and made them noticeable—because they were following “the way of Christ.” Jesus had cut a new path into the fabric of life that wasn’t like the old ways. He taught things that were shockingly different: love your enemies instead of hating them (Matthew 5.44) and God is more important than acquiring more things (Luke 12.15-21).

Jesus said, “I am the way” (John 14.6). Not just the way to eternal life, but the way to live a new and radically transformed life. He is the way to live in our marriage, our career, how we treat our children or classmates, deal with anger, and on and on. He is “the way” to everything.

As you welcome God into your day, ask him to show you one area where you need to follow in his way. Maybe it’s forgiveness, friendship, making wise decisions, or serving others. When you identify this area, take the first step in this new direction as you trust him for the strength and power you need.

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