Beyond the Weekend

September 11 | Leaving Nets

September 11, 2015

Text: Matthew 4.20

Peter and Andrew had seen and heard Jesus preach and believed he was the Messiah. Now here he was, on shore, calling them to come and follow him. They immediately left their nets, sailed to shore, and followed after him.

This account of Peter and Andrew following the call from Jesus includes a curious detail: “they left their nets” (Matthew 4.20) and immediately followed. If they hadn’t left their nets, they would still be fishermen. They had to let go of what consumed them to be a part of the life Jesus was offering.

The analogy is simple: we need to let go of the nets in our lives that keep us from passionately and wholeheartedly following Jesus. Maybe it’s an unhealthy obsession, an inappropriate relationship, or a time-consuming habit.

Jesus wants us to let go of our nets and respond to his call. Today, as you spend time in God’s presence, write out Matthew 4.20 and commit it to memory. Use it as a reminder to leave those nets that keep you from following after Christ.

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