Beyond the Weekend

September 14 | Apprenticeship

September 14, 2015

Text: Luke 6.40

This past weekend, Senior Teaching Pastor Jeff Manion began our fall series Like the Christ, a ten-week series looking at what it means to be a disciple (a learner, student, or apprentice) of Jesus. Our goal, both as a church and individually, is to act more like Jesus acts—to be “like the Christ.” Over the course of the series, we’ll look intently at Jesus’ priorities to determine what a maturing Christian looks like.

Back in January, Pastor Manion introduced us to Ada Bible Church’s three discipleship environments: The Row, The Circle, and The Chair. This is the “where” of discipleship, three places God often meets us in powerful ways to make us like Jesus. “Like the Christ” is the “what” of discipleship, the things that seemed to be very important to Jesus as he taught his followers how to live.

To fully understand the context of “like the Christ,” we need to revisit The Row, The Circle, and The Chair.” Today, or sometime this week, set aside about 45 minutes to watch Pastor Manion’s message, “The Three Environments” from January 4. We know this is a good chunk of time, but it’ll be worth your investment. As you watch, recommit yourself to these three important environments of discipleship.

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