Beyond the Weekend

September 21 | Anxiety

September 21, 2015

Text: Matthew 6.25-34

This past weekend Senior Teaching Pastor Jeff Manion discussed one of Jesus’ core teachings: anxiety. Anxiety, fear, and worry have the capacity to immobilize us or cause us to act out irrationally. Jesus tells us, in his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), that there’s a much better way for us to live—a life fueled by trust in the goodness of God.

When we’re worried or anxious, it’s easy to become consumed with all the possible outcomes or situations we might encounter. Fear gives power to events that haven’t yet happened. However, when we trust God, we choose not to fret over the unknowns believing God cares for us and will take care of us.

This is no small feat. In truth, we face levels of fear in almost every facet of life: finances, work, health, being a parent, being a child, and world events. God desires our lives be characterized by peace and trust in him. When we do, we give God glory as the good sustainer he is. Because worship and worry never go together, we worship God by handing our anxiety over to him.

Consider this week’s One Big Question: In what situations or relationships are you most prone to worry? Discuss this with your small group or a close friend. Encourage one another to trust God when anxiety begins to surface, knowing that your faith in God is an incredible act of worship.

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