Beyond the Weekend

September 23 | Ask, Seek, Knock

September 23, 2015

Text: Matthew 7.7-12

When anxiety rules, we react one of two ways: control or immobilization. Either we try to micro-manage every detail around us or we “curl up into a ball” and disengage from life. While both of these options seem pretty tempting at times, in the end they rarely work. But Jesus presents a third option: prayer.

Jesus’ instruction is to pray. God is the perfect Father who loves taking care of his children and he wants us to bring our troubles to him. When we have a need, we should turn to God asking him specifically to meet our need according to his goodness. And if we humans can give good gifts, God’s gifts will be infinitely more intentional and complete. We need to be specific and bring it God.

As you welcome God into your day, take a couple of minutes to talk to him about the circumstances making you anxious and your needs for the day. Be specific. God is not unaware or alarmed by anything you’re feeling, or any need you may have. Bring it to him today and watch as God displays his faithfulness to you through his gracious provision.

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