Beyond the Weekend

September 24 | Ineffective

September 24, 2015

Text: Luke 12.24-26

As Jesus teaches about anxiety and worry, he asks this simple, yet profound, question: “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life” (Luke 12.25)? The answer to this question is simple: none of us!  Yet, each time we worry we presume somehow our anxious energy will influence the events to follow. Jesus is blatantly clear—because worry does nothing, it is our most ineffective tool.

Conversely, the Bible has lots to say about thoughtful planning. Just a few verses later in Luke 14.28-33, Jesus reminds his disciples that whether you’re building a house or setting off on a military conquest, you’d better plan well and get your ducks in a row. Otherwise you might get into the middle of the project and run out of resources.

The challenge for us is to steer our anxious, debilitating thoughts towards contemplative, constructive planning. The main difference being, worry frets over problems whereas planning creates solutions. And in the end, God is still the one who causes the sun to rise and the rain to fall. Even the best planning is under the sovereign will of our Creator God.

Today, pick a situation or relationship that’s recently caused you anxiety. As you’re formulating a simple, thoughtful plan to address the challenge, submit it to God. Ask God for wisdom as you plan and for the ability to trust him regardless of the outcome.

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