Beyond the Weekend

September 30 | Golden Rule

September 30, 2015

Text: Matthew 7.7-12

What Jesus implies in Matthew 7.7-12 is made crystal clear in verse 12: the perfect love of our heavenly Father is best demonstrated by his children when we treat others as we want to be treated. We call it “The Golden Rule.”

But Jesus didn’t call it that. Instead, he said this statement “sums up the Law and the Prophets” (Matthew 7.12b). He seems to be saying, “If you want to do what the Law and prophets say, if you want to do the Old Testament, if you want to do the Bible, just do what you want others to do to you.” What we learn about God in the Bible is to make our relationships with others better. Theology, learning about God, helps us love and serve others.

Today, as you consider “The Golden Rule,” ask yourself the One Big Question: How have you recently loved someone as you love yourself or treated someone else as you desire to be treated? Discuss this with your small group or your family following dinner.

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