Beyond the Weekend

October 9 | Motivation

October 9, 2015

Text: 1 John 4.7-12

Sacrificially loving someone, even someone we want to love, is difficult. It always costs us something. It’s not a trade or a bargain and it’s not a win-win kind of deal. Love demands sacrifice for the altruistic purpose of blessing and flourishing the recipient. The Apostle John understood this truth and shares with us the purest motivation—to know God and be known by him.

The zenith of human experience is to know and be known. Intimacy is that state of mutual acceptance and knowledge, something we crave in our most meaningful human relationships. This intimacy is available with God when we love others as he loves us.

When we love others sacrificially, as Christ sacrificially died for us, we experience an intimacy with God that could not be afforded otherwise. This is who God is and it is the language he speaks.

As you welcome God into your day, remember God loves you more than you can possibly imagine. He wants to draw you into incredible intimacy with him. May his love fill you and spill over into all relationships in your life.

Take a moment to be encouraged as you listen to “You Are For Me” by Kari Jobe. God is for you and desires for you to know the fullness of life that comes through loving others as he has loved us.

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