Beyond the Weekend

October 16 | Fire Repellent

October 16, 2015

Text: Matthew 5.25-26

If not tended, a fire can burn out of control and do terrible damage. Not tending to relationships will do the same thing. Jesus’ instruction to reconcile is both spiritual and wise. Spiritual, because it involves our willingness to humbly admit to God and others we messed up, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us. Wise, because when left unattended, a small flame can escalate into a full blown fire. We could lose a friendship, a job, or even a marriage.

Pastor Jeff Manion reminded us of the importance of keeping short accounts with people. It’s never too late to seek reconciliation. Going with a contrite heart to God, and then to the other party, will bring blessings whether or not the situation is healed.

In his wisdom, God has commanded both sides of an altercation to go to the other: the one who offended (Matthew 5.25-26) and the one who sees (or receives) the sin (Matthew 18.15-17).

We can’t fully worship God with a litany of broken relationships we haven’t tried to reconcile. As you come before God, ask him to bless you and anyone with whom your account has become “long.” Begin today to take the first step toward reconciliation as you trust God with the outcome.

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