Beyond the Weekend

October 21 | Stray Sheep

October 21, 2015

Text: Matthew 18.12-14

Today’s passage is about a shepherd searching for a lost sheep. When we go to a person one-on-one, discussing their behavior and encouraging change, we have the opportunity to be used by God and help a stray find their way home. The idea is not just that they’ve sinned against us, but that they could be “straying” spiritually as they drift from God and his truth. Our conversation with them could be part of the process God uses to correct, or prevent, further drift.

This means restoration can involve more than just our relationships with each other. It very well could involve helping someone who’s grown weary and fallen from the way (James 5.19-20). The idea, as expressed by James, is of someone off the path and hopelessly lost. God pursues lost people and often uses us in the process. What a great privilege to be used by God to rescue one of his sheep!

Today, to remind you of God’s passionate pursuit of his sheep, listen to “Came to My Rescue” by Hillsong United.

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