Beyond the Weekend

October 22 | Another Voice

October 22, 2015

Text: Matthew 18.16

Because restoring fractured relationships in the Jesus community is important to him and to us, allowing someone to continue to drift—even if they’ve ignored us—is unacceptable. Too much is at stake for us to shrug our shoulders, say, “Whatever,” and walk away. Jesus requires we take the next step of adding another voice to the conversation.

The hope is the voice of another wise and mature believer will be enough to prompt a change of heart that the initial conversation didn’t accomplish. Another voice also helps to ensure there’s clarity and clear communication in the process, a process hopefully leading to restoration and repentance.

Today, as you welcome God into your day, examine your heart regarding any relational tensions you’re experiencing. If you’ve already taken the “one-on-one” step, consider inviting a mature believer into the process. If you need help, contact our Care Department at

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