Beyond the Weekend

November 18 | Heart of the Matter

November 18, 2015

Text: Luke 15.1-7

Our goal as a devoted disciple, in becoming more like the Christ, is to move toward thinking like Jesus thinks, loving like Jesus loves, and relating like Jesus relates. Because Jesus wants us to be absolutely clear as to his mission, “…to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19.10), he tells the story of the lost sheep. In personally seeking this one lost sheep (in much the same way he sought out Zacchaeus), out of a large flock of 100, the shepherd goes on a “search and rescue mission” until he locates this one, single stray.

As Pastor Manion reminds us in this video clip, God himself—through what Jesus did on the cross—is seeking the lost. He sees me, he knows me, he wants me. Whether for the salvation of our souls, or when we drift far from him, we’re lost and need to be found.

Today, as you welcome God into your day, consider: are you “lost”? Maybe you’ve never placed your faith and trust in Jesus. Or maybe you’re lost relationally, financially, or in an area you refuse to give to God. We want to help. Contact us at to begin a conversation with someone who can help.


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