Beyond the Weekend

November 20 | Like the Christ

November 20, 2015

Text:  Luke 6.40

As the series Like the Christ comes to a close, it’s time to look back over the past ten weeks and ask ourselves a challenging question: How am I becoming more like the Christ? It’s a question we need to ask—not just as this series ends—but frequently. Am I more like the Christ now than I was last year? Five years ago? Twenty years ago?

The truth is, our spiritually trajectory—as we walk with Jesus—should always be toward the goal of being “like [our] teacher” (Luke 6.40).

As you look back over the past ten weeks, list the topics we’ve discussed (anxiety, love, reconciliation, serving, and materialism) and write down any spiritual movement you’ve experienced in becoming like the Christ. Then, pick one to focus on over the next few weeks and trust in the power of God’s Spirit as you become like the Christ in this area.

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