Beyond the Weekend

November 23 | Natural Revelation

November 23, 2015

Text: Psalm 104.1-9

This past weekend Pastor Jeff Manion began the new series Reveal, exploring how God has chosen to reveal himself to us. We started by exploring Psalm 104 and discovered that God is actively at work revealing himself in all of creation. Theologians call this Natural Revelation.

God didn’t create the world and the heavens because he was lonely or bored; no, he created this incredible world because it’s a natural expression of his character and he wants to share it with you and me.

Every aspect of creation tells us something about God. The heavens declare his splendor, the mountains his majesty, the oceans his vastness, the sea life his creativity, the human genome his masterful engineering, the flower his penchant for beauty, and the three-toed sloth his sense of humor.

God wants us to explore his creation and come to know him in a deeper way.  We should allow the creativity of God’s handiwork to draw us into a deeper knowledge of and relationship with him.

As you welcome God into your week, make a list like the one above detailing how God reveals himself in nature. Be specific and list everything from the stars in the sky to the muffin you ate for breakfast. Write your list slowly, thoughtfully, and worshipfully as you allow yourself to be amazed at God. And when you’ve finished, spend a few minutes thanking him for sharing himself with us.

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