Beyond the Weekend

November 24 | Provider and Sustainer

November 24, 2015

Text: Psalm 104.10-23

Psalm 104 is a beautiful song composed around the subject of God’s creation. In today’s selection of Scripture, the psalmist focuses not only on God as creator, but as the provider and sustainer of what he’s created.

Think of God has a gardener: he planted the most incredible garden and now spends his days cultivating and crafting his masterpiece. He brings rain for the plants and animals (vss. 10-13), brings plants to sustain life for animals and humans (vss. 14-15), and structures the cosmos to give us rhythms of rest and labor (vss.19-23).

But God doesn’t just give the bare minimum. Verse 15 tells us God brings forth “wine that gladdens human hearts, oil to make their faces shine, and bread that sustains their hearts.” Twice the psalmist uses the word “heart” and then the picture of anointing oil. He wants us to see that God blesses us through his lavish creativity. Enjoying his creation, with God at the forefront of our minds, is an act of worship.

Today, take a few minutes to journal a prayer of gratitude thanking God for his faithful provision in your life. Thank him for how his lavish creativity has blessed your life. Be as specific as possible and take time to think through the simplest parts of your day. Hopefully, through this exercise, you’ll begin to see God’s hand of blessing in every ounce of provision you receive.

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