Beyond the Weekend

November 25 | Worship

November 25, 2015

Text: Psalm 104.24-35

The first and the last verses of Psalm 104 are, “Praise the Lord, my soul,” an admonition of the psalmist to himself to praise God. He does this by rehearsing the greatness of God in creation and meditating on the character and provision of God.

The point we need to acknowledge is: worship isn’t always automatic. It’s so easy for us to charge into our day and never lift our eyes to see and worship the one who’s created everything. As Pastor Jeff Manion reminds us in this video clip, because of “situations,” kids, traffic, and the news, we have to be intentional to see and hear what God has done.

All of creation is a call to worship. But God doesn’t just want admiration, he wants to have a relationship with us. His lavish creativity and provision are designed to draw us to want to know him more! Like music attracting a listening crowd, God’s glory has a magnetic effect on us and draws us to explore the unknown and find its source of beauty and power. That source is God and he has given us all of himself.

Today, take a moment to answer this week’s One Big Question: When was a time God used natural beauty to draw you into relationship with him? Be sure to discuss this with your small group or with your family around the table sometime today.


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