Beyond the Weekend

November 27 | New Creation

November 27, 2015

Text: Revelation 21.1-7

When God first established all creation, it was perfect and in perfect harmony. There was no pain, no discord, and no savagery between beasts and humans. While the world is God’s and bears his imprint, we’d all acknowledge it’s not perfect. This is because of our sin, the human decision to deviate from God’s plan. When man sinned, a curse—the source of the pain we still experience today—entered the world. But this will not always be.

In Revelation 21.1-7 God reveals to us his plan to recreate everything that is. In fact, the beauty we see everywhere should inspire in us a hope for God’s new creation. God is going to set everything right and usher us into a world where we have complete liberty to worship and enjoy him forever.

As you go throughout your day, allow the beauty of God’s creation to draw you to the hope that one day God will make all things new. The beauty we experience here and now is a beacon drawing our hearts to hope in God’s final restoration. To encourage you, listen to the song “All Things New” by Stephen Curtis Chapman, and be filled with hope.

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