Beyond the Weekend

November 30 | Revealed Through Nature

November 30, 2015

Psalm 19.1-6

In this second part of the sermon series Reveal, Pastor Jeff Manion drew our attention to Psalm 19. In this psalm (literally, a song) the author David instructs us to look at nature to learn about God. He knew, almost certainly because of his previous occupation as a shepherd, that God speaks through the natural world he’s created: a brilliant sunset, the panorama of the night sky, and the first rays of sunshine on a dew-covered day.

He knew this because he had experienced it on countless days and nights, in countless ways—his “outdoor job” as a shepherd daily exposed him to incredible beauty and grandeur.

But this beauty and grandeur can’t stop at nature in which we see it. David says it must lead us to the God who created it—a magnificent sunset to a magnificent God; a stunning array of stars to a stunning God; and a glorious sunrise to a glorious God. Because God has spoken through nature, what we call “natural revelation,” we can learn about him. He is generous, creative, and good.

As we see and experience his generosity, creativeness, and goodness in creation, God calls us to know him, enjoy him, and trust him. God’s revelation in nature is designed to be the first step toward a life-long relationship with him.

This week, take some time for an extended walk through your neighborhood, on a local trail, or through a park. Even as winter approaches, reflect on what God has made and use it to draw yourself closer to him.

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