Beyond the Weekend

December 1 | Revealed Through His Word

December 1, 2015

Psalm 19.7-9

God not only reveals himself through the world he’s created, he also reveals himself through his Word. After reflecting on the created world, and what it tells us about God, David now turns to Scripture and how God reveals himself on the written page. In the space of these three verses, God’s Word and what it accomplishes overwhelm David.

Using multiple synonyms of God’s Word (“law of the Lord,” “statutes of the Lord,” “decrees of the Lord”), this king of Israel proclaims its benefits: “refreshing the soul,” “making wise the simple,” “giving joy to the heart.”

David knew that life is heavy and difficult. His own experiences tell us this. It’s very possible, on those evenings when life weighed him down—and maybe even as he gazed at God’s creation—he took a scroll of Scripture and started to read. As he did, he would’ve been reminded of these truths.

Today, do the same thing—take your Bible and slowly read through this powerful psalm. Take your time as you allow God to speak to you words of encouragement, wisdom, and joy.

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