Beyond the Weekend

December 16 | Hanging Out

December 16, 2015

John 1.14-18

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1.14). God moved into our neighborhood so he could know us and make himself known. We forget the Christ who was fully God and fully man wants to hang with us.

Who would have thought this possible!? Just chilling with Jesus/God over dinner, joining him on the hillside to hear his reassurance of the Father’s care, gasping as we watch him touch and cure a leper’s cankerous skin, or seeing his tears and feeling his hurt at Bethany when he walked to his friend’s tomb.

Hanging out with God meant watching him tied to a post, lashed with a whip, being stripped naked and nailed to a cross. Hearing his groans, feeling his agony as we watch him die. This isn’t an invisible God. This is God as a human, experiencing human life and death. This is a God we can relate to.

Like us, he could smell the rotten flesh of lepers, or feel trembling in the hands that grasped his robes. He tasted good food, got stones in his sandals, heard the cry of sea gulls, and felt wind on his face.

Take some time today, while you’re in The Chair, to think of the human things Jesus experienced as you consider the ones you can identify with.

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