Beyond the Weekend

December 25 | Incarnation

December 25, 2015

Luke 2.1-20

Christmas!!!! The celebration of the arrival of the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Immanuel! God is with us. He has come to make all things new. Christmas—the world has never been the same. All of history pivots on his arrival. What a marvelous privilege to be able to celebrate today, a time of true rejoicing.

As you embrace Christmas, embrace Jesus. Live it up and make the most of the day. Be a blessing to others celebrating. In a world of greeting card holidays, something real has arrived, something to be truly excited about.

Today, in your Christmas celebration—wherever you gather, and with whomever you gather—start by reading the Christmas story in Luke 2. Bask in the beauty of its simplicity, while reveling in the wonder of the Incarnation—God becoming man. No greater story has ever been told.

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