Beyond the Weekend

January 4 | Something New

January 4, 2016

Joshua 3.1-4

This past weekend Pastor Bob King talked to us about engaging a new path for 2016. In Joshua 3, the Israelites are standing on the banks of the Jordan River. One side represents years of waiting and wandering in the desert and the other, a yet unrealized Promised Land filled with immense potential, yet also incredible uncertainty.

God, speaking directly to Joshua, commands the Israelites to follow behind the ark of the covenant since “they have never been this way before” (Joshua 3.4). This was new territory, both figuratively and literally.

As we embark on 2016, we don’t know what paths God will lead us down. We may experience financial prosperity for the first time or a financial difficulty. We may experience the life-altering transition of marriage or pregnancy, or encounter a new path of caring for an aging parent or walking through a season of difficulty with a wandering child. In some regards, we have not “been this way before.”

Consider this week’s One Big Question: What new paths do you sense God leading you down in 2016? Though the answer may not be 100% clear, commit to God you’ll follow and trust him wherever he leads. Discuss this with your small group or with your family around your next meal together.

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