Beyond the Weekend

January 6 | Cooperation

January 6, 2016

Joshua 3.6-12

Joshua instructs the priests to cross the river with the Ark of the Covenant (which houses the very presence of God). The priests respond immediately. Following God-appointed leadership wasn’t always Israel’s strong suit (see Numbers 16.1-35); so, as they go into the Promised Land, there is a new cooperation with their leadership.

As we being the new year, perhaps we need a renewed cooperation with the leadership God has placed in our lives. We all have people God’s placed in authority over us: cooperating with a marriage counselor or perhaps a teenager cooperating with their parent. All of us have God-appointed leaders and we should cooperate and lean into the new path God is directing.

Today, take a moment to write a note of gratitude to someone God has placed in authority over you. It could be as simple as “Bob, thank you for being my                                  (parent, boss, pastor).” The simple act of penning gratitude for our leadership helps us move down a path of willingness to follow them in the future. May we have open hearts to those who lead us, recognizing God will hold those in authority over us accountable for their leadership and faithfulness to him.

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