Beyond the Weekend

February 17 | Bending the Knee

February 17, 2016

Philippians 2.3-8

In stark contrast to Samson’s prideful ways, Jesus shines as an exemplar of humility. In Philippians 2, using the example of Jesus, Paul encourages his readers to value others better than themselves. Jesus didn’t use his power, position, or strength for himself, but instead humbled himself to the point where it cost him his life.

Jesus was a “knee-bender,” constantly bending a knee in service to everyone else. As we go through life, our default position is to assume the knee should be bent to us. Choosing to be the person who bends the knee can change everything. Bending a knee goes against everything we are, and the difficulty helps affirm the importance of it. At the root of humility lies service.

Pastor Brad Gray challenged us to ask this week’s One Big Question: Who bends the knee to whom? We should ask this question about our family, workplace, church, and marriage. Jesus provides an example as a knee-bender.

Today, as you talk with God, ask his Spirit to convict you concerning people you need to treat differently. Ask the Spirit to reveal those you have been prideful toward or have treated with contempt. These are the people you need to figuratively “bend a knee” to this week in humility.

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