Beyond the Weekend

February 18 | Samson v. Jesus

February 18, 2016

Philippians 2.5-8

Samson and Jesus: two strong men with vastly different stories. Samson’s pride led to his death while Jesus’ humility led to his death. Samson’s death was the culmination of a tragic life; Jesus’s death was a sacrifice leading to a triumph over tragedy itself. Samson had strength only God could give; Jesus was the God who gave Samson his strength. Samson seemed to believe his strength should be used for himself; Jesus set aside his strength to become a man and serve.

As Pastor Brad Gray reminds us in the clip below, one of the important choices we must make in life is whether we’re going to become more like Samson or Jesus. Throughout Scripture we’re called to live a life of humility patterned after Jesus’ life. Sadly, we often ignore this call. Part of the reason we discount the call to Christ-like humility is because we forget everything we have is because of Jesus. We think we deserve the blessings we have, instead of being grateful.

Samson lost sight of the fact his God-given blessing was, indeed, God-given. He believed he had a right to use it for whatever he wanted and the rules didn’t apply to him. May that not be the case with us. Today, as you spend time with God, reflect upon him as the true giver of life. Listen to the song “Thank You Jesus” by Hillsong Worship and thank Jesus for giving you life.

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