Beyond the Weekend

February 29 | Meaning of the Cross

February 29, 2016

John 19

This weekend, Pastor Jeff Manion introduced the series, “The Meaning of the Cross,” and reminds us of the significance and magnitude of what Christ accomplishes on the cross. In American culture, the cross has largely become a benign icon. But the cross is so much more! It meets our deepest human need bridging the gap between us and God. Jesus’ death on the cross is our only hope to experiencing a life with God.

The Apostle John was the only of Christ’s disciples who stayed near during his crucifixion. With this unique perspective, John spends a significant portion of his writings and ministry unpacking the rich meaning of the cross. We also should dive into the meaning of the cross. When we do, we find it perfectly expresses the character of God and calls us to surrender to his incredible love. We then find God’s love for us has a huge impact on how we love one another. 

As we begin this series together, take a few minutes now to consider again the events of the Crucifixion. Read John 19 and intentionally enter into this scene. Place yourself there allowing the dialogue of Jesus, Pilate and the crowds capture you. And may the weight of Jesus’ last breath move you to surrender to God’s incredible love for you.


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