Beyond the Weekend

April 15 | Ground for Transformational Growth

April 15, 2016

Numbers 11.23      

When Moses led Israel out of Egypt, they had lived there 400 years and had no Holy Scriptures to guide their understanding of God. They were not an organized group of God followers. They were an immature, unruly bunch of ex-slaves indoctrinated in generations of Egyptian idolatry. They were headed to the Promised Land, and were not ready.

Learning to know and trust God isn’t automatic, but takes time and focus. God wanted his people to learn to trust him out there in the Land Between where life was hard. If they could learn to trust him there, they would be ready for future struggles and battles in the Promised Land.

The Land Between is fertile ground for transformational growth, but can also be the place where faith goes to die because over time your heart is in danger of becoming angry and caustic. What we choose to believe will determine our growth.

When Moses had a meltdown, he chose to pour his heart out to God, and received help. The Israelites chose to complain against God, falling prey to resentment and anger which stalled their growth.

In the Land Between, where you feel the most resentful is where God wants to produce in you a crop of trust that becomes a place where some of his richest and deepest work is done in your life.

As you meet with him today, listen to the song “Bring the Rain” by Mercy Me, and praise God for growing you through trials.

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