Beyond the Weekend

April 21 | Submitting

April 21, 2016

1 Peter 3.15

In the midst of some incredible challenges, including cruel treatment and suffering for their faith, the Apostle Peter tells his readers, “In your hearts revere Christ as Lord” (1 Peter 3.15). This means they were to recognize Jesus as the “Lord Almighty” or “the Holy One.” Peter knew if their hearts were rightly related to God, in this case understanding the authority of Jesus, they would be able to handle whatever problems they were facing.

This is true for us today. Each day we need to again recognize who Jesus is (“Lord Almighty”) and submit our hearts to him. In doing so, we “guard” our heart (primarily from fear and worry). But it needs to be done every day. Yesterday’s submission won’t carry over into today. Every day we need to “set apart Christ as Lord.”

Today, as you submit your heart again to the Lord Almighty, use the words of Hillsong’s “Forever Reign” to remind you that Jesus is truly Lord! Pray and commit to God that one area (person, thing, situation, or struggle) you need to submit to the Lord Almighty.

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