Beyond the Weekend

April 28 | Highlight Reel

April 28, 2016

Daniel 6

We love a “highlight reel.” This is true for sports, politics, and entertainment. But what generally doesn’t make the highlight reel are the hours of work perfecting a free throw or hours studying in a legal library. We’re understandably bored by the quiet diligence it takes to make the highlights possible. While the results of faithful discipline may be impressive, the actual tasks feel—and look—mundane, repetitive, and boring.

This propensity to skip to the action shots is true when we open our Bibles as well. We’re drawn to those dynamic moments when courageous young leaders perform heroically. Young David squares off against the giant warrior Goliath, Elijah calls down fire on the prophets of Baal, and Daniel faces a pit of lions rather than turn his back on God.

But dig deeper. These events occur within a slow, steady stream of faithful living. The famous story of Daniel and the lions’ den transpires near the end of his life. He’d established a reputation of integrity and faithfulness built on a foundation of persistent daily prayer. It’s upon this legacy of faithfulness his brilliant act of loyalty shines.

Remember, the heroic events that form the biblical highlight reel are surrounded by lengthy seasons of non-spectacular faithfulness.

Today, consider this week’s One Big Question: What is one of your routine tasks that will never make the highlight reel, but is critical to either serving others well, or deepening your own faith? Be sure to discuss this with your small group or your family around the table at your next meal.

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