Beyond the Weekend

April 29 | Back to Basics

April 29, 2016

2 Peter 1.3-11

Over the past four weeks we’ve gone “Back to Basics,” and have observed key teachings from the Bible concerning what it means to become more like Jesus. As we’ve journeyed through these weeks of teaching together, perhaps you sensed one topic that surfaced as most significant for you to address. We’d like to encourage you to take another intentional look at this area of your life, asking God how he wants to shape you and grow you.

Today’s passage, 2 Peter 1.3-11, is a powerful reminder God’s given us everything we need for life and godliness. The goal of our growth is God inviting us into a divine relationship with him.

He gives us language to speak to him, ears to hear him, and a heart to love him as he loves us. Because God has initiated such an incredible relationship, we then have the privilege of responding to God in humble obedience and earnest striving to become more and more like Jesus. This is the great partnership of sanctification.

Today, to refresh your memory and reengage your heart, take a moment to review the sermon from this series that touched you the most. Ask God to continue his faithful work to make you into the man or woman he wants you to be.

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