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May 10 | Israel Procrastinates

May 10, 2016

Haggai 1.1-5

Often we don’t tell God, “No,” we just say, “Later.” That’s what the Jews who returned from Babylonian exile did. Released from captivity, they returned home and started laying a foundation for the new Temple where they would worship God. But opposition, and the desire for comfort, clouded their purpose and changed their priorities.

We also have critical areas of obedience to God we simply postpone. Like the Israelites who know the spiritual importance of the Temple, we neglect spiritual areas when we say, “I’ll get around to that someday. I can join a small group when it’s more convenient; I’ll offer leadership when life isn’t so hectic; after summer when the weather turns cold, I’ll attend worship services.” Time constraints and the pull for convenience often push God lower on our list of priorities.

Everyone knows at least one saying about the ills of procrastination. But when it enters the realm of what God asks, procrastination is a form of disobedience. Saying, “I’ll get around to that,” is really telling God, “No.”  And telling him “No” can become a habit that’s difficult to break. We need to know that procrastination can end with one small step forward.

Today as you spend time with God, consider an area of spiritual movement in your life you’ve been putting off and why that seems okay to you. Then consider how it looks from God’s perspective and ask him to show you how to take that one small step forward. If you could use some ideas and encouragement, email to start a conversation.

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