Beyond the Weekend

May 19 | God’s Provision in the Past

May 19, 2016

Haggai 2.1-5

Haggai makes a point of telling us the exact day when God spoke to him: the 21st day of the seventh month. That might not mean a whole lot to us, but it was a huge deal to the Jews. That day was the final day of the Feast of Tabernacles, a festival of joy and thanksgiving for the harvest and God’s goodness. It was a national feast that commemorated the 40 years of God’s provision during their time in the wilderness as they came out of Egypt.

Haggai’s point was not only to remind them of the past, it was to give them hope for the future. God had faithfully provided in the past; he will do so again. They were to look back in gratitude and look forward in hope.

This is a good reminder for us as we rebuild relationships, marriages, reputations, trustworthiness, and a host of others. God’s faithfulness to us in the past is to be used, in part, to move us forward confidently into an unknown future.

Today, as you converse with God in the Chair, take the time to reflect, on paper, his faithfulness to you in your past. As Pastor Manion instructs us in the video clip below, focus on disappointment, tragedy, direction, and a near miss. As you reflect on your list, thank God for his faithfulness and “anchor” your future in that faithfulness.

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