Beyond the Weekend

May 31 | The Danger of Discipline

May 31, 2016

Jude 1.5-7

Jude reminds those in the church of the danger of bending God’s grace. He gives a brief history lesson of three instances where God’s instructions and will were flagrantly ignored and he stepped in to punish.

Sometimes when we hear stories of God “punishing,” our initial reaction is squeamishness. We’re not sure we want a God who punishes. We think we just want a God of love or a God who accepts everyone. It’s true God is love and won’t turn anyone away who comes to him in repentance. But if we’re honest, we should also want a God who punishes and brings true justice.

A good boss doesn’t just let an employee do poor work, show up late, or waste company resources. The good boss will seek to intervene, move to discipline, and eventually make a decision about the employee’s future. These actions don’t make a boss mean or bad, they actually make him good as he protects other employees and the company.

If we expect a good boss, good coach, or good parent to punish poor behavior, why would we find it surprising that a good God does the same thing? If we really think about it, if God didn’t punish, he wouldn’t actually be good.

Today, as you reflect on God taking sin seriously, offer him a prayer of thanksgiving for being a good God by punishing sin (and bringing justice), whether in this life or the next.

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