Beyond the Weekend

June 2 | The Danger of Collateral Damage

June 2, 2016

Jude 1.11-13

Jude understands the seriousness of the sin of the grace benders when he says “Woe to them!” He’s essentially saying, “They have no idea the headache coming.” Jude again returns to history, reminding his readers of three guys who rebelled against God and suffered serious consequences.

Often we think we can do whatever we want because it’s our life. We may be doing something wrong, but “Why does it really matter when I can choose to do whatever I want? If there are consequences I’ll deal with them.”

We see this isn’t really the case when we look into these stories. Their sin takes others out with them. Cain’s sin results in him becoming the forefather to an entire line of rebels. Balaam’s sin ends up killing 24,000 people. Korah’s sin causes the death of 14,700 people. Though it may appear your rebellion against God only impacts you, that’s a lie. Sin impacts others.

Our behavior ripples to those around us. How we act in our workplace reflects not only on us, but also our church and God. How we treat our spouse impacts our kids’ view of marriage and God. Understood against this backdrop, we see how God is a good father by trying to rescue his people from the consequences of sin.

Today, cry out to God with a prayer of confession for your times of rebellion and rest in the forgiveness offered through his grace.

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