Beyond the Weekend

June 9 | Protection Through Mercy

June 9, 2016

Jude 1.22

Not only does Jude want us to protect our own faith, but to help protect and encourage the faith of others. Many in his audience were wavering and doubting God’s truth because of the pressures of life, and attractiveness of false, pleasure-centered teaching. They were headed toward eventual disappointment, judgment, and destruction.

Jude encourages us to help those who are doubting with mercy and kindness. It’s natural to have doubts in your faith-walk as you journey with God. No one can just know the whole Bible at once. It’s a process of growth where doubts and questions are allowed. Doubting isn’t toxic to faith unless it goes unexpressed and unaddressed. But there’s a danger of becoming argumentative with those who doubt.

Pastor Buer encourages us to replace the idea of debate with the idea of relationship and journey. Instead of distancing yourself, show up to discuss with patience and openness God’s truth versus the “bended” truth confusing them. Be willing to share truth, then let the Holy Spirit do his work to teach and guide.

You may know someone who’s in a season of doubt. As you meet with God today ask him to help you open a door for some conversation that’s kind and merciful. Lean in to the relationship, and encourage them patiently in their faith journey. For some help or ideas contact us at

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