Beyond the Weekend

June 10 | Protection Through Action and Boundaries

June 10, 2016

Jude 1.23-25

Jude encourages us to take action in the lives of others affected by false teaching, because there’s so much at stake. The culture of telling us it’s okay to do what feels right is just as toxic now as it was in the early church. If a friend is starting an affair, you need to speak up. If your roommate is drinking too much, you can’t just look away. If your brother has a porn addiction, it needs to be addressed. But Jude tells us to be wary of how we proceed.

None of us is so strong in our faith we can’t stumble. When we seek to protect the faith of others, we need to have boundaries of protection. The first is an attitude of prayer and openness to ask God to clearly show you if he wants to use you in this person’s life. The second is to seek the support and advice of those in your Christian community.

Your own spiritual and emotional health is important. If you are vulnerable to their problem, or you find their issues become your issues, God may not be calling you to move forward, or may be calling you out of the relationship.

You may be in a situation right now of coming alongside a brother or sister who needs help. Protect yourself and them by asking others in your fellowship or circle to be involved by giving you support and accountability. You may also contact for guidance.

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