Beyond the Weekend

June 23 | Decision Time

June 23, 2016

Joshua 24.14-24

When the Israelites left Egypt, God was leading them to the Land of Promise. After a 40-year journey, the Israelites finally stood on the border of their new property. Preparing to go into the land, Joshua (their leader) asks the people to whom they will pledge their allegiance. Would they pledge to God or the false gods of the Egyptians? The people choose God and devote themselves to follow him with all their hearts and forsake their old allegiances.

We, too, are faced with significant moments of decision regarding our relationship with God. For some, you haven’t yet entered into a relationship with God. You need to surrender your life to Christ as the Lord of your life. For others, your moment of decision may be forsaking some counterfeit god that’s been consuming your life. Whether it’s a relationship, a habit, or a life-long goal, God calls us to take definitive steps toward trusting him.

Today, take your journal and begin by confessing to God what decision you need to make. Ask him for forgiveness for worshipping something else above him. Ask for wisdom to make substantive changes. When you realize you have an idol, you have to take it off its perch and put it in its rightful place. Begin that process today.


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