Beyond the Weekend

June 28 |Their Temptation

June 28, 2016

Exodus 32.1-6 

God gives his people the 10 from the top of a mountain. Moses is on Mt. Sinai and the people wait at the foot of the mountain. God’s people become impatient with the process thinking something happened to Moses. They want something to worship. They want an easy way to relate to God.

The people fashion a golden calf and begin worshipping it. They’re technically not breaking command 1. Instead, they reduce God to a golden calf breaking command 2. Just like God’s people reduced God, we must realize that our incomplete views of God reduce him and often cause us to treat others like things instead of people made in his image.

Relationship with God and understanding him is a lifetime pursuit. Realizing this is an important way to mitigate our desire to reduce God. Studying God’s word and seeing how he has communicated himself to us is key. We don’t get to pick how to describe God. He has described himself.

It’s important to fight against our natural inclination to reduce God. As you start your day, take some time to journal about when you had a view of God which proved to be radically incomplete.

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