Beyond the Weekend

June 29 |Our Temptation

June 29, 2016

Psalm 139.7-10

If we’re honest, we admit that we reduce God on a regular basis. We invert the biblical paradigm of being created in his image and instead try to make God in our image. The second command directly contradicts this tendency.

One of the ways we reduce God is by location. People often claim to sense God’s presence when they’re surrounded with natural beauty, are visiting a majestic cathedral, or at a great worship experience. That’s truly wonderful. But we’re also in God’s presence in our cubicle at work, in our living room reading our kids a book, or on the highway driving. It’s true we should be drawn to God’s presence when we’re taking in the changing landscape of a Michigan fall, visiting Notre Dame, or worshipping in our preferred style. But, we should also find God present while sitting in a hospital waiting room. When we fail to acknowledge God’s presence in the daily or tough spaces, we reduce God.

David understood God’s omnipresence stating, “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139.7). Just like David, we need to recognize God is with us everywhere. God’s presence can’t be reduced to a location or preference. Today, identify one or two areas in life where you feel God isn’t present and invite him into those places. Work on recognizing his presence in all aspects of life today.

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