Beyond the Weekend

June 30 |Consequences

June 30, 2016

Exodus 20.4-6

Reducing God is serious business with serious consequences. In today’s passage we see these consequences are even generational. The decisions you make about God can impact your kids, their kids and even their kids.

As we get older, we start to realize how our parents shaped our lives. We say something and are aghast to recognize the phrase spoken originated with mom or dad. Some of us have been adversely affected by the decisions and lifestyles of our parents and grandparents. Is that fair? No. Is it true? Yes.

Once we understand our relationship with God impacts our kids, their kids and even their kids—it becomes clear we’re not just fighting for ourselves. We need to be fighting for someone else. The focus of the consequences here is on the reward. The contrast is between the brevity of the punishment and the extreme nature of the blessing.  We must understand our connection to God effects more than just us. It is generational

When you spend time in the Chair, remember your Chair time isn’t just for you but for your children, your grandchildren and even your great-grandchildren. Use the time to let God be the “pie tin” shaping your life instead of just trying to give him a larger slice of the pie. Today, answer the following question: What is one habit you could invest in that would bless the generations after you?

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