Beyond the Weekend

July 14 | Dishonesty

July 14, 2016

Deuteronomy 25.13-16

God knew routine business transactions would provide the Israelites with multiple opportunities to steal and commit fraud. His commands for them to have “accurate and honest weights and measures” (Deuteronomy 25.15) are designed to prevent this from happening.

Honest business transactions not only are part of the “glue” that holds society together, but they recognize the “image of God” in each party of the transaction. In a fraudulent business deal, the one committing the fraud is stealing both from the person and from God. That’s why God “detests anyone who does these things” (Deuteronomy 25.16).

While we don’t carry weights in our pockets, we’re frequently tempted to commit fraud. We might inflate the value of tax deductions, overbill, or overpromise. We’ve all seen the misleading offers, hidden fees, and inflated insurance claims.

One reason we do this, in addition to many others, is because we’re fearful that God won’t provide for us. We think we’ve got to do something. So we steal.

Today, as you welcome God into your day, identify the one financial area where you’re not trusting God and commit that area to him. Then, trust him to provide as he said he will.

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