Beyond the Weekend

July 27 | God’s Mercy and Our Anger

July 27, 2016

Matthew 5.21-26

The case laws in Deuteronomy 19.4-5 and 11-12 give two contrasting examples of what to do when someone kills a person. The first example is a tragedy and the second is premeditated murder. God’s mercy is evident in the tragedy as he mercifully provides a way to protect and care for those who have been involved in such an event.

These two situations prove the heart of the person matters. The person involved in the tragedy is protected, while the one committing premeditated murder is given a capital sentence. In both of these circumstances, God’s concern is for justice as he values human life.

In Matthew 5.21-26, Jesus takes us to the heart of the command: the anger underneath murder. It’s a “portable” anger. An anger you choose not to leave behind, but take with you. The type of anger that flares up from time to time. When you carry around anger, it’s possible to commit murder in your heart. This kind of anger spills over impacting others in your life.

Forgiveness is the only way to set anger down. Our culture says revenge or vengeance brings wholeness, but it’s a lie. While you’re still in the Chair, consider what anger you’re carrying and your need to forgive. Take the first step by forgiving and ask God’s Spirit to help you maintain an attitude of forgiveness.

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