Beyond the Weekend

July 28 | Words

July 28, 2016

James 3.5

We all know the power of words. Jesus understood this as well. Jesus knew words not only damage others but are an example of our heart’s condition. If we consistently use words to degrade or demean others, it reflects our heart’s failure to recognize their God-given value.

James 3.5 compares our words to a spark starting a forest fire. Our words can absolutely destroy people, just like a forest fire wreaks destruction. Some of us have experienced this destruction. At times the damage might even be permanent. Our words can kill or severely wound people as we stomp out their confidence and suffocate their dreams.

Words have the power not only to harm but to uplift. Proverbs 16.24 says, “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Honeycomb was the sweetest thing in the ancient world. It was equivalent to today’s ice cream, fudge, or tiramisu. The author understood our words can breathe life into others.

Today, choose to use your words (spoken, written, and social media) to uplift as honeycomb instead of to start forest fires.

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