Beyond the Weekend

July 29 | Relationships

July 29, 2016

John 17.20-23

Three weeks of walking to restore a relationship (approximately the time it would take to leave Jerusalem, walk to Galilee to restore a relationship, then head back to Jerusalem). A high price, but it’s what Jesus says a restored relationship is worth (Matthew 5.23-24). The point seems to be: do whatever it takes to restore a broken relationship. By doing so, Jesus returns us to the heart of the commandment not to murder.

Jesus teaches a reconciled relationship is the opposite of murder. We should do whatever it takes to reconcile a broken relationship. Jesus doesn’t mean every relationship needs restoring to its previous state. Some relationships shouldn’t be brought back to life. There are toxic or dangerous people in our life and those relationships probably shouldn’t be reinstated. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t forgive them.

In John 17.20-23 Jesus prays for his followers to be united so the world will see Jesus is sent by God. To maintain unity, we must admit our fault in strained relationships. Maybe 90% was their fault and 10% our fault. We should take the difficult step of apologizing for our role. This weekend, take the next step to repair a damaged relationship in your life

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