Beyond the Weekend

August 1 | God’s View on Sexuality

August 1, 2016

Exodus 20.14

All through history people have believed having freedom to do anything they want is the road to happiness. Truth is, the pathway to freedom is not doing whatever we want, but living as God has designed us. Following our own whims and desires leads to bondage rather than freedom. There are few areas of our life where this is truer than our sexuality.

God’s guideline for sexuality falls within the seventh commandment, “Do not commit adultery.” It raises sexuality from the level of a powerful urge to the heights of a holy and generous gift, one that is given within the bounds of marriage. It protects us from a variety of ruinous effects resulting from sexual activities outside of marriage. And Jesus further clarifies adultery by calling us to examine our eyes, heart, and thoughts in light of how we view others and ourselves as sexual people (Matthew 5.27-30).

While the world desires to enslave us in damaging sexual behavior outside of marriage, God desires to lead us toward freely and fully experiencing this tremendous gift where it belongs. When Israel received this command the second time (Deuteronomy 5.18) they were about to enter a region and culture rife with temple prostitution and temptations.

Our challenge is to rethink the way culture presents sexuality. We need to shape our minds, lives, and decisions every day to line up with God’s call to his design. Begin today by memorizing the seventh commandment. So far in the series 10 we’ve covered commandments 1-3, and 6-9. See if you can say them all from memory.

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