Beyond the Weekend

August 22 | Do Not Covet

August 22, 2016

Exodus 20.1-17

In the conclusion of our summer series on the Ten Commandments, Senior Teaching Pastor Jeff Manion reminded us that coveting strikes at the heart of not only what we do, but what we most deeply desire—what we crave.

What we most deeply desire is intricately connected to both trust and contentment. It involves trusting God and his goodness and being content with whatever he’s seen fit to give us (or not give us, as the case might be).

A life characterized by coveting is a life dominated by a lack of trust. We look at others, and the things they’re able to have and experience, and conclude that God can’t be trusted.

We see his blessings and goodness in the lives of others, but quickly determine our experiences and possessions fall well short in almost every way. We then instantly become discontent. While moments earlier we were completely content, a quick scan of Facebook and suddenly we want the vacation they’re experiencing, to shop in the stores they’re shopping in, and to enjoy the meals they’re enjoying. They have it and we don’t.

God’s command, “do not covet,” is ultimately a call to trust and contentment. This means trusting God to provide exactly what we need and being content with what he’s provided, no matter what someone else does or has.

Today, as you welcome God into your week, identify those areas where you frequently find yourself comparing or coveting (Facebook, other social media?). As you confess these to God, pray for his Spirit to replace coveting and envy with trust and contentment.

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