Beyond the Weekend

September 5 | Trusting God

September 5, 2016

Psalm 34

This weekend we heard Pastor of Student Ministries Aaron Buer talk about unfair seasons of life. We all have them. Difficult seasons when we make a significant sacrifice or endure a painful situation, and it feels like God is absent. He’s not. Even in these challenging times our hearts can remain wholly devoted to God and we can experience his life and blessing. King David offers us a powerful example through his own story as he instructs us how this is done.

Psalm 34 gives us an intimate view into David’s heart during one of his most unfair seasons of life. We know it was written after David had been betrayed by his king and forced to act insane in front of his enemies just to spare his life (read the account in 1 Samuel 21.10-22.2).

Amazingly, the first lines of David’s song are “I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips” (Psalm 34.1). This is incredible! In the face of intense unfairness, David’s heart is bent on praising God. This isn’t just religious rhetoric, but the sentiments of a man who’s placed his hope and trust in God.

We, too, encounter extremely challenging situations. Maybe it’s caring for a family member with severe physical disabilities or working in a hostile environment. Our hearts should first respond to God in praise—this is an act of faith and worship.

As you begin your week, take a moment and write a prayer of praise to God. Recount to God your trust in him and your admiration of his character and goodness.

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