Beyond the Weekend

September 9 | Story of Deliverance

September 9, 2016

Psalm 34.17-22

As we walk through seasons of difficulty, God’s given us an awesome resource to help: stories. While it can seem like we’re all alone in our struggle, and that we’ll never emerge from the darkness we’re experiencing, stories remind us this isn’t true. That’s one of the reasons the Bible isn’t written like a textbook. Instead, the stories of the Bible remind us that real people with real problems experienced real life as they placed their faith in God. This is true of David’s story and it’s also true of your story.

Perhaps you have a story where God has walked with you through a difficult season of life. God desires for you to use your story to bless others. Our most powerful stories often center on incredible personal pain, sometimes pain we’ve created through poor decisions. These are vulnerable spaces to let others in. Yet in these raw spaces, God shines forth as the hero of our stories.

We’d love to hear how God has been working in your life. And we’d love to pass your story along to those who need to hear of God’s faithfulness in your darkest hours. Please share it with us at May the testimony of God’s unfailing love for us rise as an offering of worship and ring true as a beacon of hope for the watching, hurting world.

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