Beyond the Weekend

September 12 | What Now?

September 12, 2016

As you begin your time in the Chair, watch the video below as Senior Teaching Pastor Jeff Manion recites today’s passage on the ground in ancient Colossae.

Colossians is a letter to brand new Christians. Everyone in this first-century Jesus community is a new Christian because the crucifixion of Jesus was a relatively new event. The Jesus message had just come to their town.

The Apostle Paul sends a letter to the Jesus-followers in Colossae to answer the question: What now? New faith is vulnerable faith. New faith is fragile. There are a ton of people who begin the journey well but then get lost somewhere along the way.  We know not everybody who begins the race well finishes well. Paul wants them to continue growing—and his letter can help us grow too.

While exploring Colossians over the next few weeks, envision Colossae as a real place with real people who are following Christ. Just like us, these people are trying to figure out how to live as Jesus-followers.

Our prayer for this series is that our gracious God would be pleased to meet us in a powerful way in this season. May we experience new growth, new movement and a harvest unlike anything we have experienced. Today, take some time to read the introduction in the companion journal to The New You series and review any notes you took this weekend. (Click here if you would like PDF version to print.) Jot down two or three takeaways as we begin this journey through Colossians.

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