Beyond the Weekend

September 19 | Jesus Meddles

September 19, 2016

Colossians 3.17

As you prepare to welcome God into your week, watch below as Senior Teaching Pastor Jeff Manion recites this week’s passage in Colossae.

As they learned “the way of God,” one of the first things Paul wanted these brand new believers in Jesus to know, was that Jesus was to be the organizing principle in their lives. He was to be the One everything else revolved around. Every aspect of their lives was to come under the domain of Lord (which means “Master”) Jesus. He was going to meddle.

As they listened to Epaphras passionately read these words of Paul, their eyes must have widened as the impact of his words finally registered. With lives organized around their farms, vineyards, businesses, or families, they must have been incredulous as they comprehended what this might actually mean. They slowly began to understand this “way of God” didn’t mean just a new address where they’d worship—it really meant Jesus wanted to meddle in every part of their lives.

Our lives also revolve around something. Money, sex, drinking, fun, achievements, or “Likes” and “Followers.” It’s precisely in these areas Jesus wants to meddle.

Today, in your The New You journal (click here for a PDF version), write the answer to the question, “What would those who know me best say my life revolves around?” When you’ve honestly answered that question, pray this prayer of invitation to God: “Father, at the start of this day and week I give you permission to meddle in these areas. I am willing to begin the process of having Jesus as the One my life revolves around.”

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